State of Arizona - Alphabet Challenge

The Arizona Alphabet Challenge is now available. Enjoy this scenic routing through the "Grand Canyon State" designed by the PilotEdge Marketing staff. While most of you have likely explored the Grand Canyon, this challenge routes you through many other parts of the state, ranging from busy Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) to the picturesque Avi Suquilla (P20). PilotEdge oldtimers may recall P20 as the former home of the Golden Eagle Aviation Network.

Data Cycle 2012 PREVIEW

Effective November 5, 2020 (cycle 2012), the following airport changes will become effective:
  • 89CA - HALTER RANCH will be added
  • SD27 - BLACK HILLS FLYWAY will be added

  • 12CN - changes name from RICHTER to RICHTER AVIATION
  • 2S2 - changes name from BEAVER MARSH STATE to BEAVER MARSH
  • W58 - changes name from CEDARS NORTH AIRPARK to CEDARS NORTH

Data Cycle 2011

Effective October 8, 2020 (cycle 2011), the following airport changes became effective:
  • 99AZ - EAGLETAIL RANCH was added
  • AZ72 - NORTHSTAR was added
  • MT46 - M4 STRIP was added
  • NM2 - CUBA LANDING STRIP was added

  • AZ78 - changed name from MOOSE CREEK to ARIZONA BAY
  • KVUO - changed name from PEARSON FIELD to PEARSON FLD

Washington State Alphabet Challenge

Be sure to check out the Washington State Alphabet Challenge. The Alphabet Challenges are now officially sanctioned PilotEdge flight experiences which have been designed by the PilotEdge staff (more info). Be sure to check them out.

Utilities designed for use with PilotEdge.

MyFlightRoute includes an assortment of utilities designed to enhance the simulation experience when flying on the PilotEdge ATC network. You will find the various utilities organized by the phase of flight.

  • Pre-Flight

    • Flight Search:
      Helps you find a flight that meets your specific objectives
    • TEC Route Search:
      Aids in locating the appropriate SOCAL TEC route
    • Storm Chaser:
      Helps you locate airports based on current weather conditions
  • In Flight

    • Flight Information (C-R-A-F-T):
      An automated “knee board” containing much of the information you need in flight, including links to current charts, procedures and airport diagrams. It is also updated with the most current ATIS data provided by PilotEdge
    • D-ATIS:
      Provides D-ATIS service through an FMS interface
    • Moving Map:
      Provides a continuously updated SkyVector chart (VFR or IFR) with your current flight's progress.
  • Post Flight

    • Flight Analysis:
      Plots your flight on a SkyVector chart so you can review your actual flight path in relation to charted air space
  • Alphabet Challenges

    • Fly the "Alphabet Challenge" routes and log your progress
  • Tools

    • N-Number:
      Selects a random N-number for your use which is in compliance with FAA regulations (Canadian and Mexican registrations also available)
    • Equipment Suffix:
      Confused about the proper equipment code to use? Answer a few questions and the interface will show you the proper equipment suffix
    • FSEconomy Job Search:
      Identifies FSEconomy jobs within the PilotEdge Coverage area.

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Test Your Knowledge

What are the characteristics of stable air?

Good visibility, steady precipitation, and stratus type clouds.
Poor visibility, intermittent precipitation, and cumulus-type clouds.
Poor visibility, steady precipitation, and stratus type clouds.