MyFlightRoute is offered at no charge to the aviation simulation community. The intent is to provide utilites which enhance the user experience while using the PilotEdge ATC service. PilotEdge is one of the most significant enhancements to flight training that I have seen in the 30+ years since I obtained my PPL.

MyFlightRoute was created and is maintained as hobby which combines my interest in aviation along with a desire to learn a bit about website design and programing. Fortunately I am a better pilot then I am a web designer!!!

If you would like to throw a buck or two in the kitty to help out with the web hosting costs, here is a way you can do so. No one should feel the least bit obligated to donate!! If you are saving your pennies to pay for your PilotEdge subscription or even better, saving for flight lessons, I don't want your money!!

Should donations ever exceed the costs of maintaining the website, any excess will be donated to the EAA - Young Eagles program. For information about this fine program, follow this link.