Data Cycle 2110 PREVIEW

Effective October 7, 2021 (cycle 2110), the following airport changes will become effective:
  • 11NE - KAAN will close
  • 1NE1 - PAUL RIDDER RANCH will close
  • 2NE5 - FIESE AIRSTRIP will close
  • 32NE - MC GINN RANCH will close
  • 4MT8 - BRIER PATCH will close
  • 5NE9 - DODSON BROTHERS will close
  • NE19 - AG AIR will close

  • 6S5 changes to KHRF - RAVALLI COUNTY

  • ID39 - HELL ROARING RANCH will open

  • ID35 - HIGH VALLEY SWANSON will change name to HIGH VALLEY

  • 0OR9 - HANEL FLD - status will change to CLOSED INDEFINITELY

Website Closing

Effective in January of 2022, I will somewhat reluctantly end support for the website. It's been a fun 8+ years and a very educational endeavor. I had ZERO experience in website design when this started (and it still shows today 🌝). It's been great to make so many acquaintances and I deeply appreciate the support which the community has shown for this website. The team at PilotEdge has been great to work with and I wish Keith and his talented staff the utmost success.

Some of the site's features may be transferred to other sites. I'll provide more information once those details become available. If anyone in the community is interested in taking over the website, contact me via email. The website primarily uses PHP, phpMyAdmin, MySQL and some limited use of JavaScript, so knowledge of these technologies would be helpful (just promise not to laugh at my crude attempts at coding!!!). Donations typically cover a substantial portion of the web hosting and domain registration costs, but you likely will need to subsidize some of the operating expenses. On occasion, excess contributions have allowed us to make significant donations to the EAA Young Eagles program.


Data Cycle 2109

Effective September 9, 2021 (cycle 2109), the following airport changes became effective:
  • 01NE - DETOUR has closed
  • 43CL - DICK DALE SKYRANCH has closed
  • NV11 - YUCCA AIRSTRIP has closed

  • 96MT - POWERS PROPAIR SERVICE has opened
  • ID45 - SLICKPOO MX PARK has opened
  • OR84 - PEARSON AIRSTRIP has opened
  • OR92 - K2 has opened


  • 0MT1 - WILLIAMS FLD - status has changed to CLOSED INDEFINITELY
  • 0WN9 - WINGS FOR CHRIST - status has changed to CLOSED INDEFINITELY
  • 83WA - DARCY'S AIR STRIP - status has changed to CLOSED INDEFINITELY
  • CO19 - TEZAK - status has changed to CLOSED INDEFINITELY

Utilities designed for use with PilotEdge.

MyFlightRoute includes an assortment of utilities designed to enhance the simulation experience when flying on the PilotEdge ATC network. You will find the various utilities organized by the phase of flight.

  • Pre-Flight

    • Flight Search:
      Helps you find a flight that meets your specific objectives
    • TEC Route Search:
      Aids in locating the appropriate SOCAL TEC route
    • Storm Chaser:
      Helps you locate airports based on current weather conditions
  • In Flight

    • Flight Information (C-R-A-F-T):
      An automated “knee board” containing much of the information you need in flight, including links to current charts, procedures and airport diagrams. It is also updated with the most current ATIS data provided by PilotEdge
    • D-ATIS:
      Provides D-ATIS service through an FMS interface
  • Post Flight

    • Flight Analysis:
      Plots your flight on a SkyVector chart so you can review your actual flight path in relation to charted air space
  • Alphabet Challenges

    • Fly the "Alphabet Challenge" routes and log your progress
  • Tools

    • N-Number:
      Selects a random N-number for your use which is in compliance with FAA regulations (Canadian and Mexican registrations also available)
    • Equipment Suffix:
      Confused about the proper equipment code to use? Answer a few questions and the interface will show you the proper equipment suffix
    • FSEconomy Job Search:
      Identifies FSEconomy jobs within the PilotEdge Coverage area.

Share Your Sim Photo

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Test Your Knowledge

Full scale deflection of a CDI occurs when the course deviation bar or needle

deflects from left side of the scale to right side of the scale.
deflects from half scale left to half scale right.
deflects from the center of the scale to either far side of the scale.